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Cleaning your air ducts is probably not something you have on your daily “to do” list, but it is a task that needs to be addressed from time to time. Without proper maintenance and cleaning, air duct replacement can be costly. 

Keeping these ducts clean is a necessary chore, not only as it relates to the proper functioning and longevity of your HVAC system, but also to reduce the amount of indoor air pollution. Air ducts collect all kinds of debris from your home or business, like pet dander, dust, flakes of dead skin and hair. So if you don’t get them cleaned regularly, you can end up having a real problem on your hands and even have to deal with things like mold spores and bacteria down the road.


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There are several signs that your air ducts are ready for a cleaning or replacement. These include:

  • If they’re coated in dust or debris. This will obviously have an impact on your duct system. 
  • If there is any mold growth. This could cause serious respiratory problems for you, your family and/or your customers.
  • The presence of any droppings, as this could indicate the presence of vermin and/or insects in your ductwork.

It’s important to note that any of the problems above can be adequately addressed and fixed by a professional technician. So be sure to have one at the ready to deal with maintenance problems, as well as health and safety issues. Our air duct replacement San Antonio team can ensure a proper inspection gets completed before you make a decision to replace or clean your air ducts.  

Now, you may be thinking to yourself that duct cleaning doesn’t really matter. As mentioned above, it’s not something people generally think of on a daily basis, but keeping those ducts clean should definitely be an important part of any home or business’s maintenance routine.

CG3 Can Clean, Service & Replace Air Ducts

So why does it matter? Here are a few reasons why keeping those ducts clean and maintained is a good idea for your home and/or business:

  • Dirty ducts are not energy efficient and will cause your utility bills to be much higher than they should be. Clogged ductwork restricts your unit’s ability to perform at peak efficiency, as it limits the airflow and your unit has to work longer and harder.
  • The more your unit runs, the more wear and tear there will be on your HVAC system. This adversely affects the lifespan of your unit.
  • If your air ducts are not maintained, this could create a breeding ground for mold, bacteria and even insects.
  • Dirty ducts contribute to the spread of dust and allergens

Ventilation & Duct Maintenance & Cleaning

We recommend that your duct work be cleaned every three to five years, but more frequently if someone in your home or business is susceptible to airborne allergens such as pollen or dust.

To adequately clean your duct work inside and out, you’ll need to hire a professional who is trained to do so in a professional and responsible way.

You can keep your vents clean yourself, of course, but to really get inside and clean the entire system, you’ll want to hire a professional. Spending a few dollars now is much better than spending a lot more down the road, whether for a new system or in medical bills due to indoor air pollution. For maintenance, please contact our Air Duct & Ventilation team. For replacement, contact our air duct replacement San Antonio team in the event you need to refurbish or replace your current duct system. 




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