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Air conditioning is much more than a mere luxury when it comes to dealing with the heat and humidity of south Texas, it’s a necessity of life. At CG3 Services, we understand this and we work hard every day to ensure that our clients have the very best when it comes to servicing and repairing this type of equipment.

For many years, we’ve provided expert commercial and residential air conditioning service, maintenance and installation for all of south Texas. Our certified technicians have the knowledge and experience to service air conditioners ranging from small home units to large systems used in office buildings and other places of business.

We all know how hot it can get in south Texas, particular during the summer months. And that’s why you can count on us to keep your air conditioning unit running smoothly and efficiently at all times. Your comfort and satisfaction is our number one goal, and it’s something we work hard at accomplishing every single day.

Because of the often hot weather in the area, we know a lot of stress can be put on air conditioning units which, over the course of time, will require repair and maintenance just like any other appliance. There are certain warning signs to look out for, however, that will tell you it’s time to have your unit looked at. These include the following:

  • Refrigeration Leaks
  • Inadequate Maintenance 
  • Electric Control Failure
  • Sensor Problems
  • Drainage Problems 
  • Refrigerant Leaks. If your unit is low on refrigerant, this could be the result of leakage, or perhaps being undercharged. If leakage is the cause, then adding refrigerant is not going to help. It’s much like continuing to add motor oil to a car that has a leak, it’s not going to address the problem. But our trained service technicians can address this issue and be sure that it’s fixed correctly and completely.
  • Inadequate Maintenance. It’s important to make sure that filters on your unit are cleaned or changed on a regular basis. If you fail to properly maintain your filters, this can eventually lead to dirty coils, which can cause the compressor and fan to malfunction.
  • Electric Control Failure. Using your air conditioning unit frequently can eventually cause the compressor and fan to wear out. Other issues like corrosion to wires and terminals can also cause electrical problems, which should be addressed as soon as possible by a service professional.
  • Sensor Problems. Thermostats depend on sensors to measure temperature, thus a bad sensor can cause your air conditioning unit to function erratically.
  • Drainage Problems. High humidity, like in south Texas, can cause the condensate drain to saturate and eventually clog.

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Why CG3 Air Conditioning Services?

Our technicians are fully certified and are continuously undergoing training, in order to keep current on the latest in home comfort and air conditioning technology. Which means that, regardless of what problem you’re facing with your air conditioning unit, we’ve almost certainly seen it before.

We also back up the work we do with solid guarantees and warranties, so that you’ll not only have your repair done as efficiently and as quickly as possible, but you’ll also have the assurance and peace of mind that we stand behind our work and will return to your home or business if anything is not to your satisfaction.

Your air conditioning unit is one of the most important components of your home or office, and one that’s necessary when the weather outside is hot and humid. You need this unit to run at peak efficiency, so that you and your family and/or office mates can also run at peak efficiency.

So when you need service to your air conditioning unit, you want to call someone who has experience and knowledge to handle any job, big or small. And that’s CG3 Services!

Our Promise

Our core philosophy is to always keep our focus on customer satisfaction, and to take the utmost pride in every job that we do, regardless of how big or small it is.

We stand behind our work 100 percent and we only hire and train the best contractors available in the field today.

So if your air conditioning unit isn’t giving you that blast of cold air that you need on a hot summer day, give us a call and let us diagnose and fix the problem right away, so you can get back to enjoying the maximum comfort possible in your home or office.

We’re available seven days a week, so don’t waste another minute sweltering in a house or office with no air conditioning. Call us any time, and we’ll be out to you just as promptly as we possibly can.


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