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The last thing on your mind during the warm spring and summer months is likely your furnace and ensuring that it will be working properly, once Old Man Winter arrives on the scene. CG3 HVAC Services of San Antonio can ensure your heater is properly working, maintained and ready for the winter months. Our technicians begin preparing for the winter months in November. Its imperative you have your system checked before going into the cold winter. With over 30 years of experience, our technicians located in our heating repair San Antonio TX office can be dispatched quickly to ensure your unit is serviced quickly. 


heating repair san antonio tx

Furnace Repair

These days, there are several different types of heating units on the market, including traditional furnaces, geothermal heating systems, forced air heating and units that run on gas or oil, as well as electric. Some of  the things CG3 HVAC services will look for are: 

  • Inspection of all of the Furnace’s Components. This should be performed by a professional HVAC technician annually, preferably before the cold weather season kicks in. There are many components that allow your system to operate at peak efficiency, and only a professional in the industry is trained to know what to look for. Think of it like an annual checkup for your heating unit, which will hopefully prevent any larger repair issues down the road. Our furnace repair San Antonio team can ensure your unit is working properly and ready for winter.  
  • A Professional Cleaning. While your inspection is being done, or at a later date if you prefer, it’s a good idea to get your furnace professionally cleaned. You should do this once a year. It not only ensures that your unit will continue functioning properly, but it will also help with air quality and allow you and your loved ones to breathe easier during the winter months.
  • Adjustment of any Necessary Controls. This is another annual task that will keep your unit running efficiently during the winter. There are controls in your heating unit that will need to be adjusted from time to time, and a professional is the best person to take care of this. He or she knows the specs for your particular unit and how to properly adjust the controls to prevent furnace repairs.
  • A Complete Safety Check. This will ensure the safe and reliable operation of your heating unit for the entire winter season. The last thing you want to deal with is an issue that could cause a safety concern. This can not only cause physical harm, but it can also take time away from other tasks that you could and should be attending to.

heating repairs san antonioWe can service and repair all makes and models of heating units, as well as humidifiers, programmable thermostats, carbon monoxide units, heat pumps and much more. Our technicians have extensive expertise in all residential heating and air systems,  with CG3 services you can ensure your unit is running at a high efficiency.  With the cold weather coming, you never want to be without heat in your home or business. So be sure to take care of your heating unit the same way you would any other mechanical item. Contact our San Antonio CG3 heating repair technicians today for a complete heating and air inspection. 


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